- 10 Scripts to Bring Traffic To Your Website -

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Break Frames:  If a visitor comes to your site and is looking thru frames, this script will automatically make the page 'Break Out' of frames.



Bookmark Us:  Allow visitors to click one text link to quickley and easily add your site to their 'Favorites'




Email This Page:  Allow your vistitors to email the current page to their friends.  They just enter the name and address, it will send a link to the current page in an email message signed by you!  Perfect!



Set Homepage:  Allows you visitors to set your site as their homepage with a click of a link. 




Logo Branding:  Have you seen the floating logo on Yahoo Geocities?  How would you like to have your own logo floating in the corner of your site? This script does just that! Awesome!




Frameless Popup:  (IE only) Launches a popup without the windows frame or title bar. In other browsers it launchs a standard popup window! Position, size and Automatic closing can be set!




Browser-Specify Entry:  If You maintain a different page for Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers, you should use this script. Quit simply, it sends the right browser to the right  browser optimized page.



Language:  Redirect your visitor to a page based on their language. Works with all newer browsers.




Avenue Search:  This search form gives you the possiblity to search the 42 most popular search engines and directories.  The form is transparent so you can paste it right on your website to fit your design... and it's only one line!



Popup Page:  Once your page load you can set XX amount of seconds to pass and then a popup window of choice will open!


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